CULT of CHUCKY (Blu-ray)

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CULT of CHUCKY (Blu-ray)

Title:CULT of CHUCKY  (1x)
Original:CULT of CHUCKY (USA, 2017)
Catalogue no.:1022851
Category:Horror, Thriller
Availab. from:6. 12. 2017
Availability:in 3 days  When I get the goods?
Price:359 CZK (14,44 €)
(including VAT 21%)
Retail price:399 CZK (16,05 €)
Save:40 CZK (1,61 €)
  • DTS-HD Master 5.1 english  DTS HD
  • DTS 5.1 japanese  DTS
  • DTS 5.1 hungarian  DTS
  • DTS 5.1 VO polish  
  • DTS 5.1 portuguese  DTS
  • DTS 5.1 spanish  DTS
Subtitles:english, bulgarian, czech, japanese, cantonese, korean, hungarian, mandarin, polish, portuguese, romanian, russian, spanish, thai, turkish
Length:91 minut
Cast:Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Alex Vincent, Summer H. Howell, Elisabeth Rosen, Michael Therriault, and more >
Directed:Don Mancini

CULT of Chucky / Blu-ray

Chucky returns to terrorize his human victim, Nica. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife.



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