Vaříme s MF DNES 3 (DVD)

3D Blu-Ray filmy
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Vaříme s MF DNES 3 (DVD)

Title:Vaříme s MF DNES 3
Original:Vaříme s MF DNES 3 (, )
Catalogue no.:1000396
Availab. from:1. 1. 2002
Availability:in stock  When I get the goods?
Price:38 CZK (1,59 €)
(including VAT 10%)
Subtitles:czech, slovak
Length:72 minut
Cast:Jamie Oliver
Directed:Brian Klein
  • Users: 76% (12)

Oliver's Twist

As a follow-up to his hit TV series, The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver made 52 episodes of Oliver's Twist between 2002 - 2003. The series is much the same in that he invites friends and relatives over for mouthwatering food and travels around London - visiting markets and food stores. The theme tune was performed by his band, Scarlet Division, and the show is now seen in over 50 counties.

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