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Inkheart (Blu-ray)

Original:Inkheart (USA / Velká Británie / Německo, 2008)
Catalogue no.:1004299
Category:Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Availab. from:8. 7. 2009
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Price:199 CZK (7,94 €)
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  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1 english  Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 czech  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 japanese  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 hungarian  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 polish  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 russian  Dolby Digital
Subtitles:belarusian, bulgarian, czech, estonian, croatian, japanese, lithuanian, latvian, hungarian, polish, romanian, slovenian, serbian, ukrainian
Length:106 minut
Cast:Brendan Fraser, Andy Serkis, Eliza Bennett, Paul Bettany, Sienna Guillory, Helen Mirren, Jim Broadbent, and more >
Directed:Iain Softley

Inkoustové srdce

Mo has the special talent to bring characters out of books. One night he brings out three characters from Inkheart, a story set in medieval times and filled with magical beings. Capricorn and Basta, two villains, and Dustfinger, a fire-eater. Now, 10 years later Meggie discovers the truth and it's up to her to escape Capricorn's evil grasp.



A voiceover tells us that storytellers have always existed, but there are the rare few who are "Silvertongues" who can bring characters to life. Often, they don't know they possess the gift.

Mortimer Folchart (Brendan Fraser) is one of these "Silvertongues." In an opening shot, we see Mortimer (or 'Mo' as he's called by some) sitting with his wife, Resa (Sienna Guillory). They try to calm their baby girl down for bed, so Mo picks a book to read: Little Red Riding Hood. As he is reading aloud, things shake and move slightly (only noticed by Mo), and a red riding hood falls into the back yard onto their clothesline.

Twelve years later, Mo and his daughter, Meggie (Eliza Hope Bennet), are on their way to another old bookshop (as always, because Meggie expresses the wish to go to modern bookshops where they can have hot coco, etc.) in Germany. But Mo loves old books. Meggie says that maybe he will find the old book he is always looking for. Apparently, he always scours every corner of old bookshops looking for a very specific old book that he has never been able to find. Mo heads into an old shop while Meggie waits outside in the street looking at other books.

Mo introduces himself to the shop owner, who recognizes him as "that famous book doctor!" He brings out one old book for Mo to fix, which he says he can. The owner invites him to look around at all the old books that he has, and Mo wanders off to the back. As he wanders, he hears whispered lines coming from the book. He hears a specific voice, one he obviously recognizes, and he finds and pulls a copy of "Inkheart" from the shelves. He opens it up, and begins to skim through the book's pages.

Outside, a ferret shows up at Meggie's feet. He has tiny horns, and he tries to bite her when she offers him a piece of her sandwich. Behind her, a man, standing next to fire, calls the ferret (named Gwin) to him and talks to Meggie for a moment. When she explains that she doesn't speak to strangers, the man shocks her by knowing her name, claiming they met before when she was very young.

Mo comes running out of the bookshop and upon seeing the strange man, calls him Dustfinger (Paul Bettany), to which Dustfinger calls Mo "Silvertongue." When Mo asks what he wants, Dustfinger says he's been following him for a long time, and he wants Mo to fix what he did nine years ago. Mo says that if he wants him to read for him, he's out of luck. Dustfinger asks to take a walk with Mo, and as he walks away he blows on his hands to warm them, and they glow with fire.

Dustfinger says he wants to be read back into the story of "Inkheart," and he asks for the book. Mo says he doesn't have it. Dustfinger then explains that there is a man named Capricorn who is looking for him, and that Capricorn has agreed to read him back into the book. Mo hits Dustfinger with his "book doctor bag" and takes off running. He meets up with Meggie and they get in their van and take off. Meggie keeps trying to ask what is going on, but Mo won't say anything other than that they are on their way to Italy to see Meggie's great-aunt, Elinor (Helen Mirren).

At Elinor's mansion, they go through a gate with a sign on it that reads, "Don't even think of wasting my time. Just go way" in several different languages. Mo says Meggie will like her; she just takes some getting used to. When the ring the doorbell, Elinor yells "Quit ringing the damn bell!" and finally answers, begrudgingly. But she is excited to see them, and the next scene is them in the garden having tea.

Elinor asks if they have heard from Resa, which Mo says they haven't. Elinor offends Meggie by saying that Resa abandoned their family. Meggie says, "She loved us" and gets up and walks off.

Mo and Meggie take a walk, where Meggie again asks what really happened to her mom, and what is going on. Mo confirms that she didn't abandon them, and Meggie says that she makes up stories about her mom and writes them so that she can be alive to her. Mo tells her not to do that; "There is a power in words."

Back in Elinor's MASSIVE house, which is filled floor to ceiling with books, Meggie is exploring and finds a room with lots of old books. In a large glass case, she looks at a very old, illuminated book. She leans up against it and Elinor bursts in screaming at her to not touch anything! "Do you have any idea how valuable that manuscript is?" Meggie says she does (shes bookbinders daughter, of course she knows!), and identifies it as a Persian manuscript that, based on the illuminations and the colors used, is probably from the 1200's. She asks if Elinor has ever been to Persia? Elinor says that she has, and so many other placed around the world, as wells as Middle Earth and Oz, and she never had to leave her home to go there, implying that she lives through her books. Elinor lightens up and gives Meggie a book, "The Wizard of Oz", which was her (Meggie's) mother's favorite. Elinor tells her that Resa used to curl up in the window seat and read all day. So Meggie curls up in the window and reads all day. Late in the evening, she begins to hear whisperings like Mo hears.

Suddenly, we see the ferret crawling back to Dustfinger. He breaks in on Mo and says that he had no choice, he turned to Capricorn. Mo freaks out and takes off looking for Meggie and Elinor. They are in the library, and there are men in there with writing tattooed on their faces that are destroying the library. Elinor grows angered when one of the men rips of a valuable Persian book, and punches him. Mo recognizes one of the men as Basta, and Basta laughs and pulls back Mo's sleeves saying "I'm sure you remember me" and reveals three deep scars on Mo's arm. Meggie, confused, asks what is going on when Dustfinger takes "Inkheart" away from Mo, who says it is the only way to get his wife back. Dustfinger asks her if her father has ever read aloud to her. They lead the three outside where they are burning all of Elinor's books. Meggie sees "The Wizard of Oz" in the flames, and wants to take it out. Dustfinger gets it for her, but Meggie won't take it from him.

They're loaded up into the back of a truck and taken to a large castle on a hill far away. There are men with writing on their faces everywhere. They are taken to the barn (that's the best way to describe it) that is full of mythical creatures: a crocodile that is ticking, monkeys with wings, and a unicorn, all with writing on them.

Elinor asks where all these animals have come from. Mo says that they came from books, and Elinor laughs it off, but Meggie asks what that means. He says, "Here's the story you've been waiting for." He tells her that when she was very little, they were visiting Elinor. Elinor was gone to a book fair, and Mo decided to read the new book he had gotten earlier that day, "Inkheart." As he was reading, Capricorn suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Basta followed him, and Dustfinger immediately after that. Capricorn was about to kill them, but Dustfinger stopped them and saved Mo and Meggie. It was only then that Mo realized that Resa had disappeared in to the book when the other three had come out. Mo explains that this is a trade-off that always happens when a 'Silvertongue' reads a book: when a character comes out, something else goes into the book.

They're then taken to the main hall, where they are introduced to Capricorn (Andy Serkis), having shaved off his scraggly black hair and now wearing a finely-tailored black suit. Capricorn then introduces the group to Darius, his current reader. However, while Darius is also a 'Silvertongue,' his stuttering causes a problem for Capricorn's plans. Capricorn demonstrates this by having Darius read a passage from the story "Rapunzel," which causes the girl to appear before them, though with writing tattooed on her. After having Rapunzel led away, Capricorn threatens Meggie so that Mo will read aloud for him.

Mo is given "Arabian Nights," with Capricorn intent on claiming the riches from the story of 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' for himself. Mo gives a disclaimer that he can't control what comes in or out of the book, but Capricorn tells him to continue. Sure enough, along with the fantastic gold he reads out a boy, Farid, who falls out of thin air to the room's floor. Dustfinger jumps up and says it is his turn, implying that Capricorn said that Mo could read him back after he'd produced the gold.

But Capricorn simply replies, "I lied," revealing the copy of "Inkheart" that Mo had found and that Dustfinger delivered to him. Mo explains that he can't read him back, but Capricorn laughs at this, claiming he would not want to go back to his rotten life in the book, where he worked for the character named Adderhead, and roamed the forest with the beasts. Capricorn explains how he moreso prefers the amenities of our world, and then throws the copy of the book into the fireplace.

Dustfinger attempts to retrieve the book from the flames, but only ends up burning his hands. Capricorn then sends Mo, Elinor, and Meggie back to their "barn stall".

Dustfinger goes to the kitchen to see a kitchen maid, who he calls Resa (who can't talk), who is trying to escape, again. He talks to her about wanting to be home, and how he never burns his hands at home in his world. Resa gets a bowl of ice for him to cool his hands in. He thanks her and falls asleep. He dreams of his home, and his wife asking him to come home. He wakes up, and asks Resa what he can do to repay her. She shows him a picture of her family that she had drawn. Dustfinger realizes that Resa is Mo's wife, and Meggie is her daughter, but he won't tell her what he knows about the two of them, even though she realizes that he knows something. Even so, he promises to help her.

We follow Dustfinger's ferret, Gwin, into the Magpie's (Capricorn's mother) room. She is asleep, and Gwin sneaks up and steals a key that is hidden in her corset. The key is needed to unlock Resa from the chains keeping her in the kitchen, and Gwin returns the key to Resa.

In the "barn", Meggie is trying to comfort Farid, who is saying that this is all just a dream, and trying to get her to stop talking to him because it is bad luck to talk in a dream. Dustfinger shows up and overhears Mo, Meggie and Elinor talking about reading Resa out. Given that the majority of the copies of "Inkheart" are a rarity, Meggie suggests that the original author might be the only person who has a copy of the book left. Dustfinger suddenly reveals himself to them, and tells them he's going to help them escape. Mo asks how, and Dustfinger hands him "The Wizard of Oz" and has Mo read the tornado out of the book. They get away, but not before Resa, who has fallen through a floor and into a cellar and gets trapped, sees them. She and Dustfinger see each other, and she realizes that he did know where her husband and daughter were. She asks for help, but Dustfinger simply turns and runs away. Mo and company climb into a truck and take off, headed for Alassio to find Fenoglio, the author of Inkheart.

Once in Alassio, the group separates: Elinor hands Farid some normal clothes (he's been in "Arabian Nights" clothes this whole time) then gives Mo directions to Fenoglio's and heads for the train station because she wants to go home 'where books stay on the page.' Dustfinger refuses to accompany Mo to find Fenoglio, afraid to know his fate (since he's never read the rest of the book and has no idea how his story will end). Farid stays with Dustfinger, while Mo and Meggie head off to find Fenoglio.

At Fenoglio's, Mo has a hard time explaining what is going on and why they want to see him, but Meggie just says it like it is. While she is explaining how the characters have come to life, Dustfinger is in the market square observing a fire-eater. He remembers being in his world in the castle putting on a fire show, and once again remembers his wife.

Fenoglio, Meggie, and Mo are on their way to the market because Fenoglio wants to meet his character. Mo is trying to explain that he just wanted to get the book so that he could read his wife back into this world and read Dustfinger back in. Fenoglio says, "You've just given me an idea for a new character, someone like a blue jay who takes things from the rich to help those around him (alluding to the sequel to "Inkheart"). In the market place, Dustfinger is putting on a magnificent display, playing with fire magically. Farid asks him what the finale was called, and Dusftinger says it was "dragon's breath." Farid asks, "Can you teach me?" Fenoglio says he (Dustfinger) is just like he imagined him. Dustfinger sees him and flips out a bit, trying to hide behind Mo. Mo explain that he's afraid to meet him because of how his story ends. Fenoglio says, "What? Because he dies?" Dustfinger looks shocked, and Meggie is surprised, too. Fenoglio explains that every story can't end happily. Dustfinger says that Fenoglio isn't in control of his fate and tells him to get a copy of "that book."

Up in Fenoglio's attic, he explains to Mo and Dustfinger that the book has been out of print for decades and that his last copies had been stolen at an exhibit. The old author chalks it up to 'bad luck,' but Mo believes the copies on exhibit were stolen and destroyed by Capricorn's men. Finally, the author finds the original manuscript, and Mo says he's going to read Resa out. However, Dustfinger lets slip that Resa doesn't need to be read out because she's already been read out of the book by Capricorn though explains that due to some problems, she was read out but lost her voice. Mo and Meggie are furious that he hasn't told them that yet, but Dustfinger defends that if Mo had known that he wouldn't have agreed to go get the manuscript, and it was the only way for him to get back to his family. Mo promises to read him back once they have rescued his wife from Capricorn's stronghold.

At the train station, Elinor decides not to get on the train, but heads towards Fenoglio's.

Mo and Dustfinger leave Meggie and Farid with Fenoglio while they head back to Capricorn's castle to rescue Resa. Halfway there, Gwin tells Dustfinger that they need to stop. In the trunk is Farid, who didn't want to be left behind and really admires Dustfinger and wants him to teach him how to play with fire.

Back at Fenoglio's, Meggie is in her room when she decides to read aloud from "The Wizard of Oz." Suddenly, Toto appears in the room. Fenoglio knocks on the door, and when she answers he says, "I had no choice!" Basta then appears with a knife, along with another henchman. Fenoglio once again shows excitement at seeing his creations have come to life, and also is surprised to see Toto on the floor next to Meggie. Surmising that Meggie has inherited the skills of a "Silvertongue" from her father, Basta decides to take Meggie with them back to Capricorn because he would definitely like having another reader.

Mo, Dustfinger, and Farid arrive at Capricorn's castle. Dustfinger helps them get to the maid's quarters, and Mo sneaks in and finds Resa's room; the walls are covered in Resa's pictures, and Mo recognizes her sketches, but not his wife. Mo continues to clamber about looking for her.

Outside, Dustfinger is getting impatient, and Farid stops him from leaving too soon and getting caught. But Farid then breaks something that fell out of his pack, and the guards come back and catch Dustfinger and haul him off to the dungeon. On the way, they pass Resa, who is hanging in a net over the courtyard. She grabs his hair, and he apologizes for not helping her out when he had the shot. He tells her that Mo has returned to rescue her.

Fenoglio and Meggie are being taken to Capricorn, and Fenoglio is absolutely amazed; he says, "I'm walking into my imagination." One of the characters that was read out of the book asks Fenoglio if he could rewrite part of the book, to make his large nose smaller. Fenoglio surmises a plan with Meggie, thinking if he can rewrite part of the story, they can finish off Capricorn and his men.

In Capricorn's hall, Meggie reads all sorts of things out of books: Cinderellas slipper, a gingerbread house from 'Hansel and Gretal,' even the boat from 'Huckleberry Finn.' Capricorn is convinced, and decides that Meggie is going to read something out of "Inkheart," of which Capricorn kept a hard-cover copy of the book for his own personal use. His witch-mother pulls a copy of the book out of a chest that is filled with snakes. Capricorn wants to read out the Shadow, a creature that is feared in his world, and can completely destroy an entire village on its own. Capricorn intends to use the power of the Shadow to take control of the real world, but Meggie refuses, until Capricorn shows her a captive woman, who Meggie soon realizes is her mother! Hoping to save her mother, Meggie gives in to Capricorn's demands.

He wants to control this world: "write his name on every page of this world." Meggie says she won't read anything for him, but he takes her to see her mother, and her tune rapidly changes. She's taken down to the dungeon where she and Fenoglio begin to furiously work on an alternative ending to what Capricorn has planned. But Fenoglio has writer's block and it is getting hard to write anything. He recalls writing out his "inkworld", with the water-nymphs, the great castle of Ombra, the Adderhead, and the Black Prince. He really wants to go there.

Dustfinger is in the next cell. When Basta comes down to taunt them, Fenoglio teases him about ghosts (Basta is VERY scared of ghosts), and Dustfinger steals his protective charm. Dustfinger tricks Basta into the cell and lock him in. He tries to get Meggie and Fenoglio out of their cell, but the key won't fit, and his magic fire isn't working right and he takes off. He runs into the woods, but realizes what a coward he is being and sneaks back in to the fortress where Mo catches him. Farid is there, and apologizes for getting him caught, and they formulate a plan to get Meggie and Resa out of the castle after Dustfinger tells them that Capricorn is planning on using Meggie to read the Shadow in to this world.

Elinor is on her way to the castle, yelling and talking to herself about how she's crazy for heading back to such a dangerous place on the back of a motorcycle!

Down in the dungeon, Fenoglio is still struggling, and Meggie offers to help since she wants to write. He finally gets something that might work, just as the Magpie comes down to get Meggie so she can put on her party "frock." He covers up what all the paper is by saying it is what he wants people to remember him as. She says that is appropriate because he's going to be fed to the shadow. Meggie is hauled off and forced into a monstrous, white, medieval gown that look horribly uncomfortable.

The party is getting started as Mo, Dustfinger, and Farid nab black outfits from the random goons running around. Dustfinger and Farid go and get gasoline to start a fire to distract Capricorn's men, and Mo heads off to find Resa and Meggie. He finds them, but Meggie is being walked down to a podium to read from Inkheart, and Fenoglio, Toto, and Resa are all in a cage. Capricorn orders Meggie to start reading, which she does.

Dustfinger and Farid start dumping gasoline in the hallways in Capricorn's castle.

Mo is trying to tell Meggie to stop reading.

The Shadow begins to appear, made of dust, smoke, and flame. Fenoglio throws a crumpled piece of paper and Toto runs and gets it. He runs it to Meggie.

Capricorn is just commanding the Shadow to eat Resa and Fenoglio when Meggie starts reading the words that Fenoglio wrote. It begins to take effect, and the Shadow begins to turn on his master.

The Magpie grabs the words from Meggie.

Farid and Dustfinger begin blowing fire in the halls, and they catch fire.

Elinor frees Darius from the barn, and they start releasing all the animals. She comes riding in to the middle of the "reading" on the back of the unicorn.

Mo tells Meggie to keep reading. She says she doesn't have any words. He says, "Then write!" He tosses her a pen, and she begins scribbling on her arm, reading as she goes.

Capricorn begins to crumple like paper, and the shadow finally dissolves as Capricorn turns to dust. His henchmen all turn to dust, and Meggie reads that all the characters within her sight who had been read here against their will go back (which gives Resa her voice back). The mystical creatures and Toto disappear, and she then read Fenoglio into his own story.

Dust finger is afraid he is going to miss his chance to get back into his home, so he is running to get to the courtyard, but he just misses it.

Resa, Meggie, and Mo finally get to be reunited with nothing standing in their way. They start to leave, when Meggie notices that the book, Inkheart, is not in its place. But they keep going, just all wanting to get home.

Dustfinger is standing on the bridge, when Farid shows up wondering if Dustfinger was just going to leave him. Dustfinger says he would be better off without him. Farid hands him the copy of Inkheart he had nicked from the podium. He says that they could find someone else to read the book and Dustfinger back since Dustfinger doesn't think Mo will read him back. As they are leaving, Mo catches up and says, "I promised." So he reads a section from the book where Dustfinger (in the story) sees his home for the first time in a long while. Dustfinger (in our world) closes his eyes and suddenly he is home.

Mo smiles, and tells Farid he can't read him there. Resa and Meggie catch up, and Meggie invites Farid to stay with them. They head home.

Dustfinger looks over the meadow ahead of him and sees his home, and his wife working in the fields in front of him. He runs up and they embrace.

Roll credits.

Dne 30.11.2010 jsem pro vás otestoval blu-ray film INKOUSTOVÉ SRDCE.

Testováno na sestavě:

BLU-RAY přehrávač:PIONEER BDP-LX53  Více informací o PIONEER BDP-LX53

Přehrávač je postaven na základě rigidní konstrukce šasi a velké pozornosti k detailu, což se projeví prvotřídním zážitkem ze sledování Blu-ray, ovšem ani zvuková část nijak nezaostává. Integrace vysoce kvalitních součástek zajišťujících opravdu mimořádně zvukově zajímavou reprodukci. Šasi BDP-LX53 je stavěno jako „Armoured Chassis Concept“, tedy cosi ve smyslu obrněného zařízení, šasi je zpevněno vloženým plátem uvnitř skříně a dosahuje tak výrazného snížení vibrací, což se projeví ve špičkové reprodukci. Navíc byly přidány zlacené terminály.

HD zvuk - Díky přímému vestavěnému dekódování HD zvukových formátů, nabízí přehrávač nejvyšší možnou kvalitu přehrávání. Jásavé barvy a dokonale přesná reprodukce obrazu ideálně doplňují digitální audio formáty pro vysoké rozlišení DTS-HD Master Audio Essential a Dolby TrueHD, které může zmíněný model nabídnout jako přímý bitstream nebo je dekódovat interně a přehrát jako nekomprimovaný (PQLS) které zajišťuje přenos digitálních informací zcela bez Jitteru, a to 2kanálového nekomprimovaného signálu nebo multi-kanálového LPCM a nyní také bitstream zvuk pomocí HDMI.

Přehrávač Blu-Ray disků Pioneer má vestavěný vysoce kvalitní upscaling obrazu na 1080p pro získání maximálně kvalitního obrazu z existující sbírky. Jeho schopnost zpracovat 1080p 24fps zaručuje doslova kinosálový zážitek ze sledování na kompatibilním displeji. Díky možnosti propojení pomocí HDMI nabízejí čistý, přirozený obraz. Pro další zvýšení kvality obrazu je přehrávač vybaven 36bitovým zpracováním obrazu, které dokáže reprodukovat přesnější barevnou gradaci což má za následek jemnější podání barev s lepším vykreslením odstínů a jemnějšími přechody.

AV-Reciever:PIONEER VSX - 1020K  Více informací o PIONEER VSX - 1020K

Díky nejnovější verzi HDMI 1.4 je plně kompatibilní s 3D HD signálem. Certifikováno iPod/phone ready, model VSX-1020-K nabízí plnou integraci obsluhy iPod/iPhone Touch. Model VSX-1020-K umí dekodovat veškeré prostorové formáty a to včetně HD formátů a upscalovat video na 1080p při současné podpoře x.v.Colour a DeepColour pro dosažení živých, jasných barev a jejich jemných přechodů.

Parametry recieveru:
Výstupní výkon na kanál: 140W
Výstupní impedance: 6Ohm
Počet kanálů: 7
Odstup signál/šum: 100 dB
Vstupy: 6xHDMI,4 x Composite, 2 x Component, 2 x Coaxial, 2 x Optical,1 x USB host, 1 x iPod/iPhone
Výstupy: 1xHDMI, 1xKomponent, 1xKompozit
MCACC kalibrace: ano
Dolby Digital: ano
Dolby Digital EX: ano
Dolby Pro Logic II: ano
Dolby Pro Logic IIx: ano
DTS: ano
DTS Neo: 6: ano
DTS 96/24: ano
Surround Módy: 13+1
MCACC: ano
Odstranění stojatého vlnění: ano
Nastavení fází: ano
Sound Retriever: ano
Front Stage Surround Advance: ano
X.V.Colour: ano
Deep Colour: ano
HDMI Repeater: ano
Pioneer hybridní konstrukce zes.: ano
D/A převodník: 192 kHz / 24-bit
A/D převodník: 96 kHz / 24-bit
Reproduktorové výstupy A/B: ano

Televize:PLAZMA SAMSUNG PS 50B  Více informací o PLAZMA SAMSUNG PS 50B

Úhlopříčka: 127 cm
Úhlopříčka: 50 palců
Formát obrazu: 16:9
Horizontální rozlišení: 1920 bodů
Vertikální rozlišení: 1080 bodů

Reproduktory:JAMO S606 HCS 5.1  Více informací o JAMO S606 HCS 5.1

Impedance: 6 ohm
Přední reprosoustavy S 606: třípásmové (osazené dvěma středovými reproduktory), maximální zatížitelnost 210 W, frekvenční rozsah: 45–20000 Hz
Středový reproduktor S 60 CEN: dvoupásmový (osazený dvěma středobasovými reproduktory), maximální zatížitelnost 130 W, frekvenční rozsah: 75–20000 H
Zadní surroundové reprosoustavy S 602: dvoupásmové, maximální zatížitelnost 130 W, frekvenční rozsah: 80–20000 Hz

Další informace: Kmitočtový rozsah od 30 Hz, Kmitočtový rozsah do 150 Hz, nastavení dělící frekvence (výhybky) 40–150 Hz, plynulé nastavení fáze, bassreflex, subwoofer SUB 250: aktivní(vyzařující do země) osazený 203 mm basovým reproduktorem, maximální výkon 250 W

Výsledky testů:

Formát obrazu:16:9, poměr stran: 2,40:1
Kvalita zvuku:Warneři si své filmové perly pečlivě schraňují a když něco uvolní tak to většinou stojí za to. To platí i u tohoto titulu. Rodinné fantasy dobrodružství Inkoustové srdce obsahuje velice kvalitní Dolby TrueHD 5.1, které vám vymete všechny pavučiny ve vašem subwooferu. Za zvuk dávám palec nahoru.
Kontrola údajů na přebalu:Všechny údaje a informace na přebalu jsou v pořádku.
Poznámky k titulu:Branden Fraser točí jeden dobrodružný film za druhým a ne jinak je tomu i v případě tohoto filmu. Po výborné trilogii Mumie a výpravném snímku Cesta do středu Země, přichází Branden Fraser s další porcí zábavy ve skvělém hitu Inkoustové srdce. Obrazový přepis čistý, ostrý a detailní. Barevné podaní přesné. Pokud máte rádi dobrodružné filmy s trochou zábavy, tak se vám Inkoustové srdce bude líbit.
Hodnocení zvuku: 3.5
Hodnocení obrazu: 3.8
Celkové hodnocení: 3.65

Fotogalerie z filmu Inkheart (Blu-ray)

Inkheart (Blu-ray)Inkheart (Blu-ray)Inkheart (Blu-ray)
Inkheart (Blu-ray)Inkheart (Blu-ray)Inkheart (Blu-ray)
Inkheart (Blu-ray)Inkheart (Blu-ray)Inkheart (Blu-ray)


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