Asylum Blackout (DVD)

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Asylum Blackout (DVD)

Title:Asylum Blackout  (1x)
Original:Asylum Blackout (USA / Francie / Belgie, 2011)
Catalogue no.:1017350
Category:Horror, Thriller
Availab. from:7. 11. 2012
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Price:49 CZK (2,05 €)
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Retail price:99 CZK (4,15 €)
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  • Dolby Digital 5.1 english  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 czech  Dolby Digital
Length:85 minut
Cast:Rupert Evans, Anna Skellern, Kenny Doughty, Eric Godon, Darren Kent
Directed:Alexandre Courtès

Asylum Blackout

In 1989, in Washington, the friends George, Max and Ricky are aspirant musicians that play in a band in their leisure time. They work as cooks in the Sans Asylum to earn money to pay their bills, including renting a studio to record their songs. The asylum is located in an isolated area and is monitored by a team led by the security guard J.B. The deranged inmates are criminals and they take pills to stay calm. One day, George has a concert during the night but J.B. asks him to arrive early in the morning to receive the supplies for the kitchen. George leaves his girlfriend Lynn without sleeping and heads to the asylum. While he is preparing the meals for the insane inmates with his colleagues, there is a storm and a power outage in the area and the monitoring system fails. With the mental hospital in the darkness, the inmates led by the cruel Harry Green attack the guards and staff. George and the other kitchen workers hide from the horde of violent madmen. Will they survive?

Asylum Blackout

Asylum Blackout is a horror thriller from the movie director Alexandre Courtes. The story starts with George (Rupert Evans) working in the kitchen of a mental hospital called Sans Asylum. Georges dream is to hit it big in the rock industry with his band mates Max (Kenny Doughty) and Ricky (Joseph Kennedy) but unfortunately the band hasnt made a name yet. George manages to get his two unemployed friends a job at the asylum and so all of them try to earn their bed and butter by serving in the kitchen at the mental asylum. The job at the mental facility pays well and there is virtually no contact with the inmates as there is a plastic window through which the food is passed to the inmates and so the trio isnt really worried of getting into any kind of dangerous situation. Little do they know that soon a storm is going to hit and everything is going to go wrong. Some minutes into Asylum Blackout and the audience witnesses a huge storm that blows out the electricity completely. The electric doors inside the mental hospital open and all the inmates break free. Now because this is a very high security prison, most of the inmates are very dangerous. They havent been taking their medications under the direction of a particularly bad inmate for long and so they are out for blood. The three group members try to save themselves from the crazies and stay alive until help can arrive. Luckily, one of the band members, Ricky, manages to hide himself in the freezer but George and max are still running from the inmates. When the inmates cannot get their hands on the three, they feed on the other inmates who are weaker than them. They also kill off the guards as well as the nurses and receptionists etc. It gets even darker as the night progresses but still there is no evidence of police.Finally, by the end of Asylum Blackout, we realize that not all of the kitchen staff will make it out alive but the movie does wrap up quite suddenly.

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