Journey to the Christmas Star (DVD)

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Journey to the Christmas Star (DVD)

Title:Journey to the Christmas Star
Original:Journey to the Christmas Star (Norsko, 2012)
Catalogue no.:1022148
Category:Children, Adventure, Fantasy, Fairy Tales
Availab. from:7. 12. 2016
Availability:in 3 days  When I get the goods?
Price:199 CZK (8,00 €)
(including VAT 21%)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 czech  Dolby Digital
Subtitles:not any
Length:77 minut
Cast:Vilde Zeiner, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Agnes Kittelsen, Stig Werner Moe, Eilif Hellum Noraker, Kristin Zachariassen, Andreas Cappelen, and more >
Directed:Nils Gaup

Journey to the Christmas Star (DVD)

Once upon a time a little girl went out to find the Christmas star.



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