Clear and Present Danger 4K Ultra HD (2 Blu-ray)

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Clear and Present Danger 4K Ultra HD (2 Blu-ray)

Title:Clear and Present Danger 4K Ultra HD
Original:Clear and Present Danger (USA, 1994)
Catalogue no.:1023591
Category:Action, Drama, Thriller, 4K Ultra HD movies
Availab. from:19. 9. 2018
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Price:719 CZK (29,02 €)
(including VAT 21%)
Retail price:799 CZK (32,25 €)
Save:80 CZK (3,23 €)
  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1 english  Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 japanese  Dolby Digital
  • Mono 1.0 hungarian  
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 (VO) polish  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 russian  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 thai  Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 turkish  Dolby Digital
Subtitles:english, arabic, bulgarian, czech, estonian, hebrew, hindi, croatian, indonesian, japanese, cantonese, korean, lithuanian, latvian, hungarian, malay, mandarin, polish, portuguese, romanian, greek, slovak, slovenian, serbian, thai, turkish, ukrainian
Length:141 minut
Cast:Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer, Joaquim de Almeida, Henry Czerny, Harris Yulin, Donald Moffat, and more >
Directed:Phillip Noyce

Clear and Present Danger / 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray

Jack Ryan is back and this time the bad guys are in his own government. When Admiral James Greer becomes sick with cancer, Ryan is appointed acting CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. Almost before he can draw a breath in his new position, one of the president's closest friends and his family are murdered in their sleep by what appears to by drug cartels. Ryan is called in to investigate, but unknown to him the CIA has already sent a secret field operative to lead an illegal paramilitary force in Colombia against cartels. Things get even more complicated when his team is set up and he loses and agent in the field and a friend of his wife's, who was the murdered agent's secretary is murdered that same day. Ryan must then risk not only his career, but his life to expose the truth behind the mystery.


Clear and Present Danger

An aggrieved first term President implicitly ("What I would suggest I cannot suggest") authorizes a secret military incursion into Columbia after a personal friend of his is killed by men connected to Ernesto Escobedo, leader of the Cali Cartel. Jack Ryan, temporarily promoted as Deputy Director of Intelligence at the CIA after Jim Greer is diagnosed with cancer is unintentionally mired in the scheme. He was tasked with securing the funding for the operation from Congress, even specifically promising no troops would be used despite that being (unbeknown to Ryan) the whole point of the operation.

The military operation is initially successful, striking at drug refining facilities and shooting down drug running aircraft. After the President orders a large amount of laundered drug money seized, Felix Cortez, a former Castro official working as an intelligence officer for Escobedo, retaliates by assassinating a Presidential aide (from which Ryan himself narrowly escapes) sent to Columbia to discuss the seized funds with the Columbian government. After that, the operation is escalated and the US troops are ordered to begin assassinating cartel leaders themselves, who have met to assuage their own suspicions that each other are responsible for the strikes by US troops and avert a gang war.

In response, Cortez figures out that American troops have been operating in Columbia and negotiates their betrayal with the President's National Security Advisor (Cutter) who orchestrated the unconstitutional operation.

Meanwhile, Ryan has also caught on that something illicit is happening and catches the basic gist of the operation after breaking into a colleague's office computer at CIA. He is too late to prevent the betrayal of the US soldiers in Columbia who are captured after their exact location is given to Cortez and all air support and communications with them are cut off. Ryan personally returns to Columbia to organize a rescue operation, which he cobbles together with the help of a disgruntled CIA operative who had been involved in the military operation itself.

Ryan returns to Washington DC, to reveal all details of the operation to Congress even after the President personally tries to entice him to remain silence with offers of future favours.

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