Closely Watched Trains Digitally restored version (Blu-ray)

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Closely Watched Trains Digitally restored version (Blu-ray)

Title:Closely Watched Trains Digitally restored version
Original:Closely Watched Trains (Československo, 1966)
Catalogue no.:1027731
Category:Czech & Slovak, Drama, Comedy, War
Availab. from:6. 9. 2023
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Price:399 CZK (16,98 €)
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Retail price:449 CZK (19,10 €)
Save:50 CZK (2,13 €)

  • Dolby Digital 2.0 czech  Dolby Digital
Subtitles:not any
Length:92 minut
Cast:Václav Neckář, Jitka Bendová, Vladimír Valenta, Libuše Havelková, Josef Somr, Alois Vachek, Jitka Zelenohorská, Vlastimil Brodský, Ferdinand Krůta, Květa Fialová, Naďa Urbánková, Jiří Menzel
Directed:Jiří Menzel

Closely Watched Trains / Blu-ray

A young man follows his father's footsteps and joins the railway company, where he learns the job and has his first affair. Set in the country, during the German occupation.




Closely Watched Trains

The time is the 1940s, sometime during the period of the Nazi Occupation in Czechoslovakia and Milos Hrma (Vaclav Neckar) is telling the viewer about his ancestors and their working history, many of them loafers and incompetents. Milos states that he desires a job in which he will not have to do any work. Milos tells the story of one of his uncles who worked as a mentalist, and as the army stormed into the Czech town he stood before them mentally holding them back, upon which time the army promptly crush the uncle under their wheels and moved on. Among some of the facts of life that Milos learns are the way that men behave around women, specifically how men and women mate. Milos watches as a train dispatcher Hubicka (Josef Somr) seduces a young woman who visits the station. Milos is approached by Masa (Marie Jezkova) a young beautiful train conductor and whisked away for a weekend of sex. Milos, young and unknowing about the ways of mating, doesnt perform and under emotional anxiety tries to commit suicide. Attending therapy and readjusting, Milos returns to the station where he gets involved in the Czech underground, an organization planning to bomb a Nazi munitions train. When Hubicka is called before a group because he has been caught in a tryst with Holy Zdenka (Jitka Zelenohorska) a young woman, Milos takes action against the occupying army.

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